Serving Your Church

Serving Your Church

There are many ways parishioners can be of service during the celebration of Mass. You are invited to consider where you are being called to serve.

Altar Servers assist the priest and the deacons during mass. Children of the parish who are at least 10 years old and have made their First Holy Communion have theopportunity to serve on the altar once training is completed—all alter server training is conducted by the Liturgical Committee leader.

Ushers greet all who attend Mass. They extend a warm welcome to the entering congregation and guide people to available seats within the sanctuary. Ushers also assist visitors of the church and make all feel welcomenand at ease. These individuals are friendly and inviting, as they are usually the congregations’ first personal encounter upon entering the church.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God during Mass. This ministry is open to men and women who are practicing Catholics, who have been fully initiated into the church, are in good standing with the parish community and possess a love of Scripture. It is preferred that Lectors be at least 16 years of age, but exceptions are made for younger readers who are gifted in proclaiming the Word.

Eucharistic Ministers, sometimes called Extraordinary Ministers, assist the priests and deacons in distributing Holy Communion during Mass and in some cases distributing off-site to those who are sick and shut-in. With as many as six Eucharistic Ministers needed for each service, this role is significantly important to the Celebration of Mass.

Commentator/Worship Guide helps by relaying pertinent information during the mass. Guided by a script, the Worship Guide provides instruction and commentary on Mass procedures and communicates important information such as hymns and offertory information to the congregation. This ministry is open to adult and young adult men and women who are fully initiated in the church and are practicing Catholics in good standing with the parish.

Sacristan is the person who prepares all of the materials and resources for Mass. They ensure that all of the altar and Eucharist linens and vestments are cleaned. The Sacristan Ministry is a very significant role in the church, this person works behind the scenes to ensure several other ministries are able to function well for the celebration of Mass. The duties of the Sacristan Ministry are currently upheld by the Sacristan Coordinator.

Music Ministry provides music and musical accompaniment for the mass in the form of choirs and soloists. This ministry is broken down into separate choirs, one for each Sunday mass, as well as a Children’s Choir and Young Adult Choir (YAC) that perform on occasion. These individuals are vibrant and share a love for proclaiming the Word of God through song and hymn. Rehearsals for this ministry are held in the sanctuary of the church and are coordinated by the Music Director. Call John Beal at 404-808-3184 for information.

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    Henry K Mngerem

    Joining the church and looking to participate as a lector.
    I was a lector at Sanint Matthews Catholic church, Tyrone where your last pastor Rev. Fr. Victor was pastor.

    Register me as a lector and include me in the schedule.

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