Location & Parking Details
  • 928 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW
    Atlanta, GA 30310

Location & Parking Details

Behind the Church. Park as close as possible to the other cars to maximize spaces and expect to be blocked in by other cars. Its a small lot.
At Wells Fargo. On Sundays & during non-banking hours, parking is allowed across the street in the Wells Fargo lot. ATMs are open 24/7. Never block drive-thru ATM access!
Lyke Center. Located at 951 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. Please do not park along the brick school building or block the entrance to the basketball court.
At Big Bear Foods. The grocery store behind the church accessed from Lowery Blvd, has some parking. Please consider making a purchase on your way home.

There is a lot of foot traffic in the area. Please lock your vehicles & store items out of sight. 24/7 video camera surveillance operates on and around Parish property.  Parking security is provided during Mass and special functions. If you’re able, offering $0.50  or $1.00 as a thank you is customary but not required.