Remembering Our Beloved Dead

Remembering Our Beloved Dead

November is the month the church observes All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. We remember this month our beloved departed and honor their memory. In faith we believe death does not weaken the bonds of love and friendship, which we enjoyed throughout our lives with them.

“Our loved ones have not disappeared into dark nothingness: Hope assures us that that they are in God’s good and strong hands. Love is stronger than death,” Pope Francis said in 2015 at his general audience.

Inspired by those who have gone before us, we’ve created a communal digital altar to honor parents and siblings, friends and parishioners.

If you’d like to add a loved one, please email:

“May perpetual light shine upon them.”

My parents Thomas and Lillie Mae Williams raised me as a Catholic from 6 weeks old. -Roz Williams
Joanne Greene had a heartfelt faith in Jesus which she shared with her church family through service.
Remembering our beloved Dorothy Romne with her feisty spirit and her constant presence in our community.


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