Past Events (Page 4)

Past Events (Page 4)

Feed the Hungry

We open our doors to prepare a hot meal of our neighbors and anyone who walks in the door. More people are always needed to make this ministry run smoothly, from preparation to clean up.  

Senior Party

Knights of St. Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary, Court 276 hosts its annual party for senior citizens. Come join the fun.

CPR class

Come to learn the life-saving technique of CPR. The free event is sponsored by the Health Ministry

Thanksgiving Celebration

We gather Wednesday evening at the parish to mark the civic holiday. Please bring a loaf of bread – store-bought or homemade, your choice – to share that will blessed.

Capital Campaign: Dinner

RSVP by Nov. 11 to the church office (404) 758-8861 Monday, Thursday & Friday 9 am – 2 pm Tuesday, Wednesday 9 am – 11 am or by e-mail to