Palm Sunday leads to Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday leads to Easter Sunday

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday follows the final earthly days of Jesus.
Here’s how we observe the days, which goes from Palm Sunday –> Holy Thursday – -> Good Friday –> Easter Vigil –> Easter Sunday.

Join us as we mark the end of Lent.

Blessing of the palms, lead by Deacon Levi Jelks. (2016)


Holy Thursday, the washing of feet, as a sign to follow Christ’s mandate to serve. (Photo: 2013)


Pamela Simmons carries the Good Friday cross. (Photo: 2014)
At Saturday’s Easter Vigil, we welcome adults who have been studying and praying about the church. The three candidates entering full communion with the church are DeAngelo Bowen, Cathy Tyler, and Steven Durham.


The account of Easter morning from the Gospel of John
Easter “He is risen” “He is risen indeed!”