Lent 2018 : One habit to change

Lent 2018 : One habit to change

Members of the parish have been preparing themselves for the upcoming season of Lent. Using the traditions of prayer, fasting and alms-giving, we’ve been challenged to focus on one aspect of our lives that interferes on our relationship with God.

  • Fast : Refrain to the best of your ability from that one habit or task that is a barrier to a richer, deeper relationship with Jesus. Just one. The goal this Lent is to go deep to work on your relationship, not just a shallow effort.
  • Prayer: Our community has many resources to help you pray more. We did a brief experience of meditation, with deep breathing and focusing our mind on the emotion of love. Use those minutes of prayer a day to share your desire to break that one habit with God.  We also  offer the Little Black Book of Prayer 
  • Almsgiving: This year we will be partnering with Catholic Relief Services to give alms to people around the world and the United States. We know from experience how much it helps when people come to help us. We also know from experience how good it feels to help others. With our contributions to the CRS Rice Bowl, we can be the person that helps others.   Learn more




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