Fight against ‘modern slavery’

Fight against ‘modern slavery’

Christine Hubbard – who you might recognize from her service at the altar at Mass – is nearing the end of her Gold Star project. For the unknowing, the Gold Star is the highest award earned by a Girl Scout.

The Our Lady of Mercy High School senior turned her attention to the plight of others for her project. She’s investigated and examined human trafficking.

Pope Francis recently called described modern-day slavery as “a scourge that wounds the dignity of our weakest brothers and sisters.”

The pope said our contemporary world is “sadly marked by a utilitarian perspective that views others according to the criteria of convenience and personal gain.”

This selfish point-of-view keeps others from experiencing the fullness of their unique and unrepeatable humanity, he said, at an anti-trafficking workshop in August.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has resources to educate the community and be proactive against the problem. Learn more here.

Ms Hubbard created this website Project S.O.S. to spread the information about the problem to her peers. Her goal is to help young people to stay physically and emotionally safe from predators.


    Domonica Hilt

    Thank you for tapping into this subject matter. It is super important for all age, sex, race and gender. To know about the 2 legged dogs that roam the earth. Seeking those they can devour!
    Excellent research Christine.

    Pat Dabner

    Great job Christine, This is a subject that must be addressed. It’s not only dangerous for young women but men too. You’ve always been a scholar student ~keep up the good work .

    Jacci Moss

    Excellent project choice! Much needed info addressing this issue! Site looks good. The How to Help Section needs content so people can take action. Great job!

    Bridgette Walker

    Wonderful job!!! Excellent research Christine. Continue bringing awareness to human trafficking.

    Devida Dixon

    Wow, I just visited the “Project S.O.S” site and I must say it is impressive. Young people need to know the signs and where to get help if a predator ever approaches them. Thank you for thinking about others.

    Siren Morrison

    Thank you putting the hard facts out there in print. This must be exposed and stop! This is important work in order to save and heal our children. God bless you, and great job!

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