Embrace Your Ministry

Embrace Your Ministry

Music is in my soul. Growing up, music was a staple in our home.  My father would wake us up every morning, serenading us with one of his many ‘favorite’ songs.  Mom was used to it.  My sister Sheryl would close her door.   Pat put the pillow over her head.  As for me, I would join him in song!   What great memories and what a great way to be introduced to singing, but by my father.

Every Sunday I look forward to praising the Lord’s name in song.  Am I perfect?  Do I get the responsorial psalm right every time?  Heck no!  But that does not stop me from standing before you, week after week.  God’s grace and my will to share my gift are greater than any discomfort I may feel.

So whatever your ministry is, or whatever you think it may be, embrace it.  Try it!  Worst case scenario, try another one.  Don’t let fear, angst or others deter you.   Focus on God.  If every Sunday you say to yourself, I really should be….  Embrace it and act on it.  We need you!  Whatever your talent, this parish is only as good as the sum of the whole.  We cannot be our best without you!   As for me, oh what a blessing it is to praise the Lord with you in song, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church!

Pam Tennell


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