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Parish Blog (Page 8)

Embrace Your Ministry

Music is in my soul. Growing up, music was a staple in our home.  My father would wake us up every morning, serenading us with one of his many ‘favorite’ songs.  Mom was used to it.  My sister Sheryl would close her door.   Pat put the pillow over her head.  As for me, I would join him in song!   What great memories and what a great way to be introduced to singing, but by…

Winter Bible Study

An adult Bible study program is underway. Everyone is welcome to attend this interesting way to learn about God’s word. The course introduces participants to 12 themes present in the Bible and will reflect on its meaning in today’s world. The class meets Fridays, at noon to 2 p.m., and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Material is $40, but don’t let that stop you.…

The Third Edition of the Roman Missal

Father Victor has preached about the upcoming new Missal, with its new translations and different responses from people who are worshipping. There are many resources to prepare you for the changes, but here are two to get started to understand the revised liturgy. It will be implemented the first Sunday in Advent. The Atlanta Archdiocese Office of Divine Worship The…

Wine Social Thank You

From the Men’s Action Club: The Men’s Action Club thanks everyone who attended the fall wine social. It was a great time, with lots of laughter. The money raised helps the club support other great causes at the parish. Thanks again. To see some of the fun, click here and here