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Posts by AdminStAnthony

Join us at the MLK Day 5K!

Monday, MLK Day, January 21st, 2019! Gathering the diverse groups in our beloved community to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood with fellowship and fitness. This 5K walk/run will take place entirely in Piedmont Park (START & FINISH AT 10TH near Park Tavern.) The USATF certified race course and Peachtree Road Race qualifier…

Sybil M. Robinson Social Justice Forum

Immigrants leave their homes to start new lives in foreign countries for many different reasons. Some are refugees, some are students or employees on an international assignment. Each one has a story about how they were treated, the obstacles they endured, and how they made a new life. We have immigrants within our own St. Anthony community. Nathalie Henene came to the…

Join us for All Saints Day

    You are invited to bring photos of friends, family, spouses, children, loved ones to be placed on the high altar during the month of November. (Please remember to write your name on the frame so the photo may be returned to you.)